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If you are a fellow travel enthusiast, we would love for you to contribute to Topholidays.net by writing a guest article. We are continuously on the lookout for content that is not only fresh and novel but also informative and may be shared with our audience. We can extend our perspective and improve the quality of our material with the aid of guest writers. If you have a tale to tell, travel tips to offer, or advice to provide, then you are the perfect candidate to write a travel guest post for our site since you have all of these things.

Guest Post Guidelines

Please follow the parameters that are provided below so that we can give your guest blog piece the best possible opportunity of being published. 

  • Articles that are well written, free of typos and significant grammatical problems, and submitted to us will be given preference.
  • The topic of travel must be included in all guest articles; after all, this is a travel website.
  • We ask that you write for our readers and refrain from trying to sell them anything in your pieces.
  • The minimum word count for a post on your blog should be 600, although lengthier material is preferred whenever it’s possible.
  • We will only publish anything that has been created by the author (and we do check!).
  • If you want to upload photographs, the images you choose can’t be protected by any copyright laws. If you give us any photographs, please be sure to tell us where you found them.
  • Instead of pitches, we would appreciate it if you could submit articles. We are excited to work with beginner bloggers, but we are unable to choose a topic for your blog post on your behalf. You are more than free to send us pitches if you have any amazing ideas, but the samples of your writing that you have provided would be far more helpful to us.

Topics That Are Allowed:

The articles that you have written on locations that you have personally been to are our favorites. This enables us to provide our readers with more informative and useful travel content. The following are some of the subjects that are acceptable for guest posts:

  • “Things to Do” is a list of activities that are available at a particular location.
  • “What to Eat” is a list of recommended dishes and beverages for a certain location.
  • “Where to Stay” is a section that provides lodging suggestions for a certain location.
  • “Places to Shop” is a category that includes travel gift guides as well as shopping ideas for a particular location.
  • “Tours to Schedule” – Advice on how to book tours in various locations, as well as reviews on tours that you’ve already been on

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