Information on Some of the Best Diving Sites in Maldives

We all are aware of scuba diving, which has been hugely popular amongst the diving community. There are around hundreds to thousands of isolated islands that give these divers a chance to explore themselves. The coral here is beautiful, but what makes it more attractive in the Maldives is the huge density of marine life.


Tourism in Maldives is very strictly controlled, where the tourists are only supposed to remain on the islands or a live board. There are around 85 resorts within Maldives itself. But for people like divers, you need to do proper research as not all of them cater to divers.


If you wish to choose some luxury resort for yourself then there is Zeldiva Luxury Page, which has a great chain of resorts for its travellers. Baros Maldives holidays is a small coral island in the Indian Ocean. It has got beach villas of classic elegance and with private pools.


Here are some best dive sites in Maldives:

  1. Ukulhas Thila: This is an enormous rim at the north rim of Ari Atoll. This dive has a long and narrow pinnacle which is approximately 300m in length, 15m of a flat top, and a sloping down at 30m. From December to April, the currents in this area are pretty strong, which means a reef hook cannot go a miss. It is time to watch some Mantas who find this flat reef top as their cleaning station.

2.  Broken Rock: This is at the south Ari Toll. This dive site has something unique which is in the form of a deep canyon. The reef here is broken into two parts. You have the luck to swim through the canyon. The walls of the canyon are made of soft corals with some pastel colours. Here the top dive site is said to have very strong currents. Hence the divers usually find some rocks at the top of the reef and watch a good number of fishes fly past them.


3.  Miyaruga Thila: This is at the North Ari toll. The top of this reef is around 15m below sea level. Here the entire pinnacle is covered with different caves, terraces, and some overhangs. You got two tunnels cross over each other. You would need help of a guide and also a torch to go through the tunnel. The best thing about this dive site is that it has remarkable rock formations. In the entire thila you will find cavities, holes, and lots of soft and large coral formations.


4.  Kuda Rah Thila: This is located in the marine protected area. For divers, it is to go through the arch, which is full of stunning corals. Here the current is from mild to strong. However, you would need a torch to see the stunning coral formations.


Just like these, there are many more dive sites in Maldives. And it is possible to enjoy diving all-round the year. For you all divers, you can check the best of the sites to book your tickets to Maldives now and enjoy diving!!!


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