Different Ideas to Style your Kitchen with Stylish Chandeliers and Light Fixtures

While planning a unique kitchen, a decent involvement of experts, various techniques, useful appliances, and furniture is required to prepare proper settings. While choosing wall color and furniture you can go with any decent item as long as the lighting of the kitchen is suitable for the area. Did you know that bright lights make your kitchen look big and dimmer lights make it look small and congested?

Kitchen should always have bright light because that is the place where you cook and eat. Moreover, the major time of a house owner is spent either in the living room or in the kitchen. Therefore, the atmosphere for the kitchen should always be welcoming. Getting the right set of light fixtures is also a tedious task because of the various styles available in the market.

Sofary is an online site that provides various light fixtures at a decent price. They are partnered with different designers and manufacturers who deliver the best art and quality in chandeliers. Whether it is crystal chandeliers, pendant lights, aluminum chandeliers, raindrop, bubble glass chandelier, etc. they have a series of options for kitchen chandelier. If you want to check their collections, you can go through the link sofary.com/collections/dining-room-crystal-chandelier. The best part of dealing with Sofary is that all middlemen are eliminated in the process, which saves a lot of money for a customer.

Modern kitchens are incomplete without chandeliers. Before deciding to purchase a light for your dining area, countertop, or your kitchen island, you must measure that particular area. When you measure the ceiling height, it eventually gives you an idea of the length of the pendant light or chandelier.

Another important factor is the ambiance that you want to create. There is a vintage look, modern lights, elegant or simple lights. Mentioned below are some of the latest light fixtures available in the market which are suitable for different types of ambiance –


The Contemporary look of the kitchen includes a geometric design or clean line chandelier. Pendant lights in a cluster or a neat line give a perfect look to an open kitchen

Round chandelier

Round shaped chandelier or circular shaped with flat base chandelier is perfect for kitchen-island. It not only looks simple, but works well in the dining area giving proper illumination to the kitchen table.


Sputnik chandelier is perfect for a modern kitchen. The protruding arms from the central point either have a light on both ends or at one end. It gives your kitchen a bold look. You can decide the material as there are various options between brass, bronze, gold, silver, etc.


Choosing different shapes like triangular, octagon, rectangular, square, etc. will redefine the room. Clean line in geometric shape looks sleek and clean against the cluster of glass chandelier. You can set a large chandelier over the kitchen table and various geometrical chandeliers near Kitchen Island.


The real chandelier was used in the 15th Century. They were wooden or metal holders with arms that had a place to hold candles along with a dripping plate to collect melting wax. My grandparent’s farmhouse had a few of them hanging. The only difference was that it had lights instead of candles. If you want to relive your childhood memories, then choose the vintage style in different metals.

Basic lights

Sometimes basic patterns and simple designs also look beautiful in their own ways. If you want your kitchen to look simple yet modern, then go for a chandelier that has minimum patterns and style. A simple-looking chandelier can also be light in the room.

There are various options available in the market. While choosing a chandelier for your kitchen always remember that it has to be cleaned frequently so choosing too complicated a feature may be tiresome, and the height of the chandelier from the tabletop. Use LED lights to save energy and bill.

Chandelier can make a simple room look elegant. Choose wisely within budget and live your dream.

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