Learn the Basics Before Getting Behind the Wheel for The First Time

Nowadays, almost everyone owns a car in Australia and it is no longer considered a luxury, but a basic necessity in our modern way of living. Therefore, almost everyone wants to learn driving.

Enrol in a driving school Melbourne to learn the driving skills, which is necessary to obtain your driving license too.  

Driving training is also necessary to know various traffic rules that every driver should be aware of for safe driving. The car driver needs to clearly understand the basics before getting behind the wheel for the first time. 

All the driving schools offer driving lessons for preparing every driver to drive safely on the road. 

Therefore, you must make sure that you enrol in a right school whom you can trust that will offer you proper driving training so that you are confident and safe on the road. 

What you are supposed to do during your first lesson of driving?

To get the flavour of your first driving training at any driving school you may read further. Following are few questions that may come to your mind, which has been answered.

1. Will I have to drive straight away?

Relax! Nobody is expecting you to be on the driving seat immediately after joining your driving school. First time, your instructor may drive you on a quiet road in order to learn few fundamentals about various car controls. 

All these controls will include:

  • Gears
  • Clutch
  • Accelerator
  • Steering wheel
  • Brakes
  • Other indications on the dash board.

2. What is a cockpit drill?

All drivers need to carry out this exercise when they first get inside the car. Usually, this will be taught on your first day when you join driving school. The cockpit drill generally consists of various checking of 

  • Doors
  • Seat
  • Seatbelt
  • Steering
  • Mirrors:

3. What you have to check?

  • Doors: checking all doors for proper closing to keep you secured before you start your engine of the car.
  • Seat and steering: first adjust your seat so that you can reach all the controls easily and you can clearly get the view of the road. Also, you must adjust your headrest for preventing whiplash in case of accident (if any).
  • Seatbelt: ensure that you as well as your passengers are properly buckled in.
  • Mirrors: position the mirrors for minimising all blind spots as much as possible.

4. How should I move off?

  • You need to get the vehicle ready when road is fully clear and start engine
  • By using your left foot press and hold your clutch down.
  • Select first gear.
  • Now press gas pedal down using right foot.
  • Slowly bring clutch up until you find biting point.
  • Show your instructor that you are observing your surroundings
  • Look over both your shoulders.
  • Confidently move your car off when you feel safe
  • Slowly release the clutch and gently foot down on gas pedal.
  • If car is moving too fast then control the speed by using clutch and accelerator.

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