A Guide to Learn About Different Skincare Product

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Terms like organic, vegan, non-toxic are indicators of the value of the products. Health and beauty products are generally marked with these terms. Those products on which these terms are mentioned are considered to be best-in quality.

This article will tell you more about the meaning of each label and how it makes it important for you.

  1. Organic

A product that is mentioned as “Organic” shows that contain organic ingredients. Though it is not mentioned how much percentage of organic products is added into them.

These products have no petrochemicals, pesticides, and synthetic preservatives, added in it. Some products are labeled as “certified organic” along with a reputable logo of the USDA. It implies that those products adhere to stringent organic guidelines.

Alleur is a trusted place to find products enriched with CBD skin care benefits. These products are 100% pure and organic.  They are made from the best quality CBD to give you maximum benefit.

  1. Natural

This type of label implies natural ingredients such as plant botanicals, shea butter, cocoa butter, pure oils, and active ingredients such as chlorophyll, and clay.

  1. Non-toxic

Products that are marked as the non-toxic label are the ones that do not contain any harmful compounds in it. Some of these compounds include phthalates, formaldehyde, petroleum products, and parabens. Exposure to these additives can lead to chronic skin issues that include itchiness, and imbalance of hormone.

  1. Vegan:

This label implies that the specific products are devoid of any ingredient that is procured from an animal. This type of product is appropriate for those who are allergic to animal-derived products.

Cruelty-free/Not tested on animals:

This label implies that both the product formula and the product is not tested on animals.


This label implies that the product has no amount of gluten in it. It is completely safe for people who are suffering from a gluten allergy, or celiac disease.


This label implies that the ingredients used in the formulation of this product are procured from fair-trade farms. The workers of the manufacturing companies have received a decent wage.


Products that bear this label imply that it is made as per the ecological principles. Right from sourcing the ingredients, to its manufacture and recyclable packaging, it follows eco-friendly techniques.

What are the reasons to choose Organic CBD?

It has been seen that vegetables and fruits that are treated by chemicals can lead to allergic reactions. Such products can harm the skin. Organic CBD is derived from the Organic hemp plant. It is cleaner with no trace of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and other synthetic elements.

Also, such a product is not genetically modified. It is not exposed to chemicals in any form. It also does not cause any food allergies too. This makes organic CBD oil and other organic CBD products, a purely safe and natural product.


You need to care about what type of product you are eating or applying on your skin. A good understanding of these terms will help you make a wise and informed selection of skincare products.

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