Wild Side of South Devon

South DevonSouth Devon is renowned for being one of the most beautiful places to visit in the UK. Stunning coastline, wild grasslands and sandy coves can all be found around the Torquay area.

South Devon was designated as an AONB (an area of outstanding natural beauty) by the Government in 1960, the purpose of which is to protect areas of landscape and coast with special character by law, so that future generations can also enjoy them. Covering 60 miles of rugged coastline, remote estuaries, thriving villages and beautiful countryside between Torbay and Plymouth, the area continues to be enjoyed by thousands of visitors to Devon every year. As a coastal holiday destination water is a defining feature of the South Devon AONB with so many magnificent viewpoints.

South DevonPopular with both locals and visitors alike it offers sport, recreation, quiet contemplation and sheer pleasure, being part of a rich tapestry of local culture and ancient history. Land owners and planners are encouraged to follow guidance from organisations such as Natural England, the Environment Agency and English Heritage on the way they manage the use of their land, so everyone can enjoy the features within it.

south devonHabitats for wildlife such as seals, dolphins and bats, include the salt marshes, hedge banks, woodlands, reed beds and coastal grasslands. Public access to areas is important, but protection of the many wildlife species is always paramount. On the cliffs above Berry Head, between March and July you can find the largest breeding colony of Guillemots on the Channel Coast. Marine plants and animals flourish in the more out of sight areas, during calm seas between April to October it is possible to spot basking sharks and turtle migrations along the whole of the South Devon coastline.

With a packed events programme of walks, trails and workshops to enjoy across the AONB, there’s sure to be something for everyone throughout the year if you are considering a holiday in Torquay. Planning your days out comes easy with so much to see and do whether you are a family, a lone traveller or a couple enjoying a break away.

south devonSpecial favourites are the South West Coastal path which runs directly through Torquay offering visitors the chance to enjoy a mix of beautiful scenery, local culture and stretches of the coast all in one walk. The walk along the grassy headlands of Hope’s Nose rolls seamlessly into the fascinating history of Torre Abbey and Torquays most famous resident Agatha Christie. It’s then onwards past Abbey Sands beach, over rugged steps round the headland to Daddyhole Plain and Meadfoot Beach. Follow signs to the ‘not to be missed’ attraction of Kents Cavern, famous throughout the world for its prehistoric caves. After your visit there allow time to enjoy Anstey’s Cove, a favourite coasteering location for the young and energetic. From there make your way towards the magnificent viewpoint of Wall’s Hill, then finish your walk at Babbacombe. Here you can rest and enjoy a well deserved Devon Cream Tea in one of the quaint tearooms typical of the area!

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