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Mongas one of the favored Three Star Hotels in DalhousieDalhousie is named after Lord Dalhousie, the Viceroy of India. It is situated at a height of 6000 feet above sea level and those snow-covered peaks and lush green valleys will simply mesmerize you. The panoramic views all round l simply eave one speechless and rightly so. The Switzerland of India is also referred to as the land of milk and honey. The quaint feeling of the town seems to be still untouched by the modern life. The crispy air around you as you walk around the colonial architecture will leave you refreshed. Pick one of the popular Dalhousie hotels to stay at to enhance your experience.

Every hill station has its specialty and is well known for its shopping market. It is not uncommon to find a mall in almost every hill station. The Dalhousie malls are surely different from others. The Mall here links two main points of the town – the Subhash Chowk and the Gandhi Chowk. The Gandhi Chowk was known as Post Office Square earlier, while the Subhash Chowk was called the Charing Cross. You will note here that the Mall at Dalhousie does not follow a long stretch and is not in a straight line like those at Shimla or Kasauli. You will find that the two roads – Garam Chowk and Thanda Sadak are twisted like a figure of ‘8’. Stay at one of the leading resorts in Dalhousie to vist the Mall. There are different signs which tell the motorists that walking is a fashion in the hills and they should avoid driving when they can.

Dalhousie CastleThere are many hotels on mall road Dalhousie, where one can stay and enjoy shopping and visiting popular spots. The names of the roads like Thanda Sadak and Garam Chowk might sound funny at first, but there is a logic behind. Garam Chowk gets the name as it gets lot of sunshine while Thanda Sadak is devoid of any sunshine and hence named so. Garam Sadak is meant for pedestrians only and is higher of the two.

DalhousieThe Dalhousie resorts and shopping hubs are well famous. The markets are situated at the Gandhi Chowk and this is just a 15 minute walk from the bus stand of the city as well as other leading hotels and resorts in Dalhousie. One will come across many Tibetan items and one can bargain too. There are Tibetan handicrafts along with rugs, carpets, jackets, cardigans, jewelry, etc. Tibetan Handicrafts Center is very popular among the tourists and so is the the Himachal Handicrafts Emporium.

Dolhousie shoppingMake your booking at your favorite hotel in Dalhousie as the hill town enjoys a heavy rush all season. Get ready for a memorable vacation and loads of shopping.

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