How to travel to Bhutan

Bhutan is considered to be the best Himalayan country to enjoy the nature and trekking along with the valley and dense forest. Spring is the best time to visit because of its moderate climate and also best time for trekking which is the best attraction among all other bhutan tourist places. Bhutan is an expensive place to travel but its unspoiled scenery and Fresh Mountain and hills makes it worth.

The Travel guide speaks about how Bhutanese Government restricts the entry of anyone in the country. Visitors of Bhutan are generally tourists or guests of Government. All tourists need to have a preplanned tour which is arranged through Bhutan travel Guide to ensure their tourist visa and all other government formalities are taken care of without fail.

Everyone needs a visa except the Indian passport holders to enter Bhutan.
National airline is Druke Air and their airport is at Paro.

The Bhutan travel guide provides all these information in your finger tips therefore to keep a book on Bhutan Travel guide is utmost importance if anyone if planning a tour to Bhutan. It also talks about the Bhutan Tourist places of interest.

Druk Air flies to paro from various airports like Delhi, Kolkata, Bangladesh,Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand etc. fare varies from one place to other which are almost all described in travel guide. It is also mentioned in Travel guide that to travel to Bhutan from India overland by road is also possible.

The main border crossing is Jaigon-Phuentsholing.Many tour operators exist to arrange the tour for the tourists.The main places of interest must be included in the list of Bhutan tourist places to visit as also described in travel guide are as listed here.

1. Haan Bhutan: This is the most mysterious and mythic district of. They celebrate Lomba, the new year celebration much before any other district in bhutan. The places of interest are Wangchu Lo Dzong, Dobji Dzong, Haa Town, Lhakhang Karpo, Lhakhang Nagpo, Tagchu Goemba, Shekhar Drak Temple.

2. Paro Bhutan : Here the international airport of Bhutan is situated. As described in Bhutan travel guide, Paro is the most highly attracted and popular place among Tourist places. It is famous for its valley and simple hard working no non-sense dwellers. This district is known as Bhutan’s rice bowl because the most staple food of Bhutanese the red rice comes from here. The most impressive fortress Paro Dzong is situated here as described in travel guide, is the most religious place for Buddhist made it one of the interesting place to visit. Few places of interest in Paro are Paro Rinchen Pung Dzong, Drukgyal Dzong (in ruins), Taa Dzong (National Museum), Taktshang Monastery etc.

3. Thimpu : Is the capital and famous for its commerciality other than the scenic beauty.

The Bhutan Travel guide speaks in detail about the tourist places other than above mentioned one which can be visited to get the rich flavour of Bhutan. There are many resorts and hotels to stay.


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