A Short Guide to Dakar

Dakar SenegalIf you’ve booked flights to Dakar, the capital and largest city of Senegal, and are wondering what the weather is like and what there is to do and see, read on. Even if you’re just going on a business trip, you should do yourself the favour of exploring this city, which offers visitors an interesting mix of cultures and sights that are unlike those to be had in any other city in Africa.

The climate in Dakar

Dakar is located on the Cap-Vert Peninsula on the Atlantic coast and the climate is hot-semi-arid. Between December and May, the daily temperatures range between 24 and 27 degrees Celsius and night time temperatures range between 17 and 20 degrees Celsius. Between May and November, however, it heats up considerably and daily temperatures sit between 29 and 31 degrees Celsius, while at night it cools down to 23 or 24 degree Celsius. Humidity is also high all year around, ranging between 69 and 81 percent. So, if you’re reading this while in the process of packing, be assured that it’s safe to leave your winter clothes at home, no matter what time of the year it is.

What is there to do and see in Dakar?

  • African Renaissance Monument: This monument is definitely worth seeing, considering that it is 49 metres tall, which makes it the tallest statue in Africa. It is located on top of one of the twin hills known as Collines des Mamelles, outside of Dakar, and overlooks the Atlantic Ocean with a magnificent view. The statue depicts a bronze African family emerging from a mountaintop.
  • Marche Sandaga: There are many markets in Dakar, but this is the principal market in downtown Dakar and according to both tourists and locals alike, it’s the best. Anything imaginable is for sale here and the vendors don’t hassle you quite as much as they do at the other markets. The colours, the smells and the bustling vibe will make a lasting impression.
  • Scenic walks: Go on one of the many cliff top walks or for a stroll along one of the beautiful beaches. Experience the scenic magnificence that is Dakar.

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  • Architecture: There is loads of interesting architecture in this city and a building you should definitely see is the Dakar Grand Mosque. The Dakar Grand Mosque was designed by French and Moroccan architects and is richly decorated on the interior and exterior. It also has a minaret that is 67 metres high.

Now you know how to pack and what to do and see once there. Just to be safe: Print out this article and keep it next to your flight tickets, to ensure you take it with you. If you manage to experience the above, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve truly experienced Dakar.

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