Seychelles Even on a Limited Budget

SeychellesThe Seychelles group of 115 islands scattered in the Indian Ocean are world famous for many reasons, one of them of course is the exquisite beaches, ribbons of soft, white sand and topaz waters. The Seychelles is a very popular honeymoon destination, but there is much more to these beautiful islands than sipping on champagne in a luxury hotel, and luckily there are some options to enjoy the splendour of this island paradise even if you have a limited budget.

The three main islands in the Seychelles are La Digue, Mahe and Praslin, backed by tropical hills and enormous boulders, boast stunning scenery and pristine beaches, with Mahe being home to the Morne Sechellois National Park. The Seychelles has gained the reputation of being an ecotourism paradise, offering stunning dive sites, beautiful bird watching activities, jungle trails and excellent local cuisine.

Fortunately for those of us who are yet to win the lotto, the Seychelles is an accessible destination for all. Of course there are many 5-star accommodation establishments but there are plenty of affordable guest houses and self-catering accommodation options as well.

The island of La Digue

Many tourists go to the island of La Digue for the day from the main islands, but it is an affordable place to spend your entire holiday. La Digue, surrounded by enormous granite boulders, offers travellers of limited means friendly little guest houses and other modest types of accommodation where you can stay at reasonable rates. This gorgeous island is a natural botanical garden with Indian almond trees, coconut palms, vanilla vines, hibiscus and orchids. Enormous tortoises can be seen at the reserve and sometimes you even come across them while walking down the narrow roads. La Digue has a bustling town where you are greeted by the friendly locals and where shops, banks and other services as well as the jetty can be found. Reggae music can be heard in every house and in every shop. There are hardly any cars, the roads are not tarred, and bicycles and ox-carts are the main modes of transportation.

What to do

The beaches on this island, especially in the south-east, are pure perfection and the waves offer amazing surfing opportunities. Grand Anse and Anse Source d’Argent are strewn with pink granite rocks. Boat excursions to stunning hidden beaches, water sports such as diving, snorkelling and fishing as well as horse riding and trekking are the most favoured activities among holiday makers and locals alike. Situated in the middle of the island is the Eagle’s Nest Mountain which rises 300 metres above sea level. A rugged path leads to the top where you can enjoy the most spectacular views. The Veuve Reserve bird sanctuary is also a must-visit.

What to eat

Dining on the island is quite an informal affair with typical Creole cuisine such as fish or octopus curries or fruit bat curries on most of the menus. For those less adventurous there are delectable pork and vegetable dishes as well as western cuisine at some of the main resorts. There is an excellent pizzeria on the island as well.

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