When in Rome Eat Like The Italians do?

Italy cuisineIf you enjoy good food, Rome Italy is the place for you. Here you will find cuisine that is both unique and unpretentious. Delectable dishes that were often born out of necessity and are always prepared with passion. Italy is the soul of good food and the food we’re talking about here is not the kind you find at your local ‘Italian’ restaurant. What we’re talking about here is authentic Italian cuisine.

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First stop is Rome, a city that has its own individual food culture, a city that is unlike any other city in Italy or the world for that matter. And just to make sure you don’t fall for touristy cuisine we have prepared a list of must-try foods – if you want to eat like the Romans do.

Italian foodFor Starter try:

1. Pizza Bianca. We know what you’re thinking: Why go to Rome to eat pizza? I can do that here. Pizza Bianca, or white pizza, though, isn’t pizza like you know it. It isn’t theoretically even pizza. It’s thick focaccia style bread that is light, fluffy, crispy and sprinkled with salt. Just walk in to the closest bakery when in Rome and try it. It’s a good way to start off your food journey.

2. Fiori di zucca. These are deep-fried zucchini flowers filled with anchovies and mozzarella. Even if you not big on eating fish, you’ll love this. The anchovies add a delicious salty touch to the dish.

For Mains try:

1. Pastsa alla Cabonarra. So simple to make you could probably make it at home. But why do that when you can eat it in a quaint restaurant in Rome? The ingredients include spaghetti, eggs, bacon, black pepper and pecorino cheese. This dish stands testament to the fact that really good food doesn’t have to be complicated.

2. Suppli. This is a croquette that is made of rice in a Bolognese sauce and filled with mozzarella. Like all croquettes, it is then crumbed and deep fried. Enough said?

3. Gnocchi alla Romana. Forget gnocchi in blue cheese sauce, which is a bastardized version of this true Roman original. Here these little semolina potato dumplings are baked in butter, parmesan cheese and nutmeg.

4. Porchetta. Believe it when we say: You’ve never had roasted suckling pig like this before. Made with laurel herb, tons of garlic and freshly ground black pepper. A Roman countryside favourite that you can’t afford to miss. This dish alone is enough reason to book a flight.

5. Fave. These broad beans can be enjoyed either fresh with a dash of olive oil and thick bits of pecorino cheese, or cooked with sauteed onions and bacon. Do yourself a favour and try both.

6. Saltimbocca alla Romana. Veal scallops prepared with white wine, sage and prosciutto. Magnifico!

And for Dessert try:

Rome Desserts Maritozzi, Crostata di Ricotta, Ciambelle al vino1. Maritozzi. Fresh, soft buns with raisins and candied orange peel. Enjoy them plain or be decadent and eat them filled with fresh cream.

2. Crostata di Ricotta. Cheesecake made with fresh ricotta and candied fruits. Try to find the one with added pine nuts. Then have another slice (it’s difficult not too).

3. Ciambelle al vino. These cookies are rock hard and shaped like doughnuts, but don’t let that put you off. They were made to be dipped in wine and preferably after dessert. It’s the perfect way to end off a Roman feast.

Viva la Rome!

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