The Reason Las Vegas Bus Tours to Grand Canyon are Cheap

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Bus tours to the Grand Canyon vary quite a bit when it comes to cost. However, the lowest rates are found online and here’s why.

First of all, it costs less for tour companies to book tours online. Think about it. When you book by phone, you talk to an employee. This individual costs the company money to retain (salary, health insurance, bonuses, etc.), and it’s an expense that will be passed on to you.

The way around this additional cost is to book online and conclude the transaction there. Once you pay for your tour, you can call the tour operator if you need to and ask questions about the tour details and not have to worry about incurring an extra fee. The customer service is provided free of charge.

Best Deals

The tour companies post their best deals on their websites. That is where they run promotions when they need to fill seats on new tours and tours that are not full. Just look at the details before you buy. Understand the terms and conditions to ensure you really are getting a fantastic deal.

You definitely want to look online for tour availability and low prices when you need last minute coach tours. You stand a good chance of getting a nice discount since tour companies are scrambling to fill cancellations. Again, pay attention to terms because in most cases these seats will be non-refundable.

There is no reason to be leery of booking your tour online. I’ve been booking trips on the Web for years and I’ve yet to have an issue. Tour operators use the latest technology to protect you. The booking forms are hosted on secure servers so you won’t encounter any problems.

Large Selection

Some travelers worry that some trips are not available on the website. The opposite is true. Most tour operators post tour releases on their website first. If anything, you’ll have so much to choose from, you might have difficulty making up your mind. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. Here’s how I typically maneuver the selection process:

Do you want to go to the West or South Rim? You will get to the West Rim from Vegas much quicker and you will find the Skywalk there too. It’s also where you go if you want to take a helicopter to the bottom of the canyon and a boat down the Colorado River. The South Rim is a farther ride but it is calmer and the best option if you want to take in the scenery.

Trips to both rims take all day. You will be gone around 15 hours if you go to the South Rim and about 12 hours if you go to the West Rim. Much of the time is travel time, which is fine because you’ll see some terrific scenery as well as Lake Mead, Hoover Dam and an assortment of unique desert plants.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully you see the lowest prices on bus tours to the Grand Canyon are found online on the tour operator’s website. Remember, you have to pay for your tour online to get the low rate, but you can call customer service later if you need to clarify information about your tour. A bus tour to the Grand Canyon is fantastic fun for all the family, and it is an experience you will always remember no matter which rim you choose to visit.

Tips from the Author Visit Grand Canyon by bus. Go here for a list of the top Canyon bus tour companies. And here for deals on trips from Las Vegas:

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