Discover Entertaining Picnic Spots At Las Vegas

picnic At Las VegasLas Vegas with all its beauty and inviting tourist destination is worth the visit. The essentials of the journey include cheap flights to Las Vegas, reasonably priced hotels, attractive destinations to explore and a delightful culinary experience. Starting from cheap flights fares if you plan out your journey to Las Vegas, you can be calculative in accordance to your budget for hotel deals and overall vacation package as well. To get a better idea of the most entertaining picnic spots at Las Vegas, here are few of the best:

Hemenway Park

Las Vegas Hemenway Park Hemenway Park is a beautiful shady scenic picnic spot for a perfect family outing. The wonderful mountainous view, sight of bighorn sheep and a wonderful playground for kids for an ideal recreation makes the spot invariably important for all tourists visiting the city. Its a relaxing and refreshing venue where you can either play games and sports with family and friends or just sit back and enjoy the dazzling view of the Lake Mead.

Skywalk Las Vegas Lake MeadCruises on Lake Mead Las VegasLas Vegas Lake Mead
Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area Las VegasRed Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is an enticing region in the city of Las Vegas but still most striking and enjoyable. The Limestone quarry in the conservation area takes you back to the ancient times of mining and displays the age old deserted region that has now become a wonderful picnic spot. The area also beholds the spectacular ice Box Canyon situated close to the Spring Mountain Range. Adding to the spark of this place is stunning view of the awe-inspiring surrounding for a completely refreshing experience.

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area Las Vegas1red rock canyonlas vegas
Centennial Hills Park

Las Vegas Centennial Hills ParkCentennial Hills Park is characterized by winning playgrounds and pavilions. It features a complete resort like facilities that delivers a luxurious and energizing experience. The yellow flowers, red toadstool tables and entwining palm trees add a spark of stimulation. Moreover, volleyball court, soccer field, water-play area for kids and a huge playground for varied recreational activities of your choice adds to the entertainment of visiting the place.
Las Vegas Centennial Hills Park 1

Desert Breeze Park

Water ParksDesert Breeze Park is a terrific picnic spot with well constructed basketball court, soccer fields, dog park and aquatic centre. The place turns out to be a perfect spot for recreation with family and friends because of its special features and a huge playground for all sorts of games and sports, delivering a perfect reason to bask in joy.

Desert Breeze ParkDesert Breeze Park
Exploration Peak Park

Exploration Peak ParkExploration Peak Park is a mesmerizing park situated at around 2,846 feet. The views and glitz of the city from this peak point is just awe-inspiring and engaging. It proves to be a must to visit destination for walking, hiking and enjoying the blend of Indian touch and contemporary construction. Furthermore, the natural elements of beauty and scenic view complement the excitement at this picnic spot.

Exploration Peak ParkExploration Peak ParkNo one can deny that the journey to this destination is worth the visit. For a better feel of the inspiringly beautiful city, cheap flights to Las Vegas provide a budgeted journey to the place. It gives an incredible opportunity to discover the true beauty of the city without feeling heavy on your pockets.

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