Terms on a Northern Lights Holiday


In recent years, heading off on a Northern Lights holiday has become one of the most popular ways of spending a winter break. A source of perennial fascination and wonder for travellers to the Arctic, the Aurora Borealis became that …

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Discovering the Cafe Culture of Paris


If you’re planning a stay in any of the hostels in Paris it probably means you’ll be involved in some serious sightseeing. But as you dash in and out of museums and galleries, don’t forget to take some time out …

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A Costa Rica Wildlife Holiday


Tucked away between two continents and nestled between two seas, Costa Rica is a centre of biodiversity bursting with a huge array of natural wonders and incredible wildlife. It may be a small country but in Costa Rica, wildlife holiday …

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Explore the Alternative Culture of Berlin


The most intriguing allure of the German capital, Berlin, may be that it is so different from the rest of the country. For many, the city stands as almost an island in the nation, culturally set apart from not only …

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On the Trail of Bears in Sweden


If you’re planning on embarking on a wildlife holiday with the whole family, why not head off to Sweden to seek out the resident European Brown Bears? From the safety of a purpose built hide, you can watch out for …

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2015 French Lemon Festival


Welcome to French Lemon Festival! Everywhere you look the colors of orange and lemon yellow are so bright that one is almost compelled to don a pair of Ray-Bans in France on the Lemon Festival. But then you might miss …

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New York Food Trip


New York is captivating especially if you go for a walking tour. It will bring you to the city’s most splendid historical and cultural spots, and will never let you crave for its modernized views in the region. Since a …

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London’s Less-Visited Highlights


You can’t go far in London without coming across a historic building. However, while every tourist has a list of must-see places – usually including the Tower of London, St Paul’s Cathedral, Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey – there are …

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Exploring the Castles of Tuscany


When you’re searching for an ideal location to book a holiday somewhere warm, sunny, and steeped in history, the first place that should come to mind are the rolling hills of Tuscany. Villas in the region make the perfect accommodation …

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Vegan Travel: Amazing Meals on the Road


Vegan Travel – What to do? As a vegan, you may have experienced some challenges when you’re dining out in your hometown. This can become more pronounced when you’re traveling away from your home base, with strange new foods and …

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