Morzine – The Winter Ski Resort

morzine skiing, franch alpsFor many travellers, part of the thrill of the experience is setting off to a destination with no particular agenda in mind. Some people like to rely on local resources once they have arrived for truly authentic advice on the best places to see and things to do. When you book a winter ski break in a Morzine catered chalet, staff and locals will be a wealth of information on attractions and interests beyond the standard tourist path.

Here are few of the suggestions they might offer a visitor to the resort who is looking for interests beyond the slopes.

Information From the Source

The village is best known for its excellent skiing opportunities and winter sports activities, of course. However, there are some lesser-known activities that can provide great entertainment for those wanting a break from the slopes. For ‘off-the-beaten-track’ things to do in Morzine, catered chalet staff will be an excellent resource for the most up-to-date information. Often, they will have worked in the resort for a number of seasons so will be very familiar with upcoming events or out of the way attractions.

MorzineA Rich History

For example, there is quite a lot of history to be found in Morzine. Catered chalet accommodation and tourism were not this small village’s founding features. Today visitors can step back in time and learn about the area’s once-prolific trade in slate. The discovery of slate here dates back to the 10th century, although the first historical mention of it was during the construction of the Church of Morzine in 1734. Today, it’s possible to visit an active slate quarry and see workshops where this naturally protective stone is both harvested and shaped for commercial use.

Culinary Delights

Another activity that is popular with visitors is a trip to the local dairy and cheese maker in Morzine. Catered chalet staff, restaurants and hotels all typically use local produce and are very proud of the chesses made in the region. These include Abondance, Tomme and Reblochon. Guided tours are conducted of the local dairy where most of the area’s specialty cheeses are made. Visitors can watch the cheese-making process from the very beginning and even sample the end result.

This delightful resort village has a lot more to offer than just skiing and snowboarding. Even in the summer months the number of local festivals and outdoor activities keep the accommodation full of visitors who return on a regular basis. As well as local staff, the visitor’s centre can provide a schedule of events and sights to see while here.

Liz Olkowicz is the Business Development Manager for Ski and Summer Morzine, a tour operator, based in Surrey, offering tailor-made holidays in this delightful resort. The Morzine catered chalet accommodation is amongst the best in Europe and it is the perfect location from which to explore the French Alps. For a great-value Alpine holiday, call us.

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