Merimbula – Paradise of Sapphire Coast

Merimbula AustraliaMerimbula is by far one of the most beautiful towns in New South Wales, Australia, a breathtaking establishment on the Sapphire Coast, located on the shores of the lake with the same name. The town makes a perfect choice for a summer vacation, as it has a great climate and beautiful beaches, but also plenty of attractions that appeal to all type of travellers. As far as Merimbula accommodation goes, there are numerous and various options, from boutique hotels and charming, little villas that reek of local colour to luxury hotels and resorts that offer all-inclusive packages.

A quick and easy web search will help any tourist find great deals and lovely accommodation opportunities in Merimbula NSW, although it is advisable that hotels and villas be booked quite in advance, as the destination is highly popular these days all year round, as the town buzzes with all sorts of events and festivals throughout the year.

Merimbula AquariumMerimbula is known for its highly profitable oysters industry, so if you are planning a vacation to Australia, then be sure to research not only Merimbula accommodation, but also dining alternatives, as there are amazing restaurants and bars that you shouldn’t miss. Some of the most impressive national parks in Australia are close to the town, a good example being Ben Boyd National Park, so the destination is a great choice for outdoorsy travellers, wishing to experience a wide range of nature’s beauty.

Among the variety of festivals and events mentioned above, tourists in Merimbula NSW can take part in the annual jazz festival, fishing competitions, the orchid and bonsai show, the Merimbula Malibu wave sailing and many, many more. For surf lovers, Merimbula Beach is an ideal location, the pristine beaches being an important appeal for all visitors, not just surfers.

Merimbula NSW, bonsai showAs mentioned above, the fine dining opportunities in this ideal retreat are numerous and various, especially since you are surrounded by a bounty of fresh sea foods. The Wheelers Oysters is a great restaurant to that effect, as is Tura Beach Country Club. If you are looking for something different, the Ocean City Chinese Restaurant will make a great choice.

Ben Boyd National ParkEven though you might have booked Merimbula accommodation and the town has plenty to offer to travellers, as already said, the entire region is a great are to explore, so while you are there, make sure you take the time to visit the coastal and country towns along the seaside, as each and every one of them will charm you with its character and individuality. It never gets too hot or too cold on the Sapphire Coast, so you can freely explore the region as you please, regardless of the time of year you are travelling to Merimbula NSW.

The bottom line is that, although there are so many beautiful places on this Earth, if you are looking for a unique retreat for your next vacation, then be sure to take Merimbula and Australia’s Sapphire Coast into account, as it will undoubtedly meet your expectations.

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