London’s Less-Visited Highlights

LondonYou can’t go far in London without coming across a historic building. However, while every tourist has a list of must-see places – usually including the Tower of London, St Paul’s Cathedral, Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey – there are plenty of other places to discover London’s history that are not as well known. Here are some of the best ones often missed by tourists, so once you’ve settled in from your Gatwick airport transfers make time in your itinerary for these.

Jewel Tower

Jewel Tower is located near the Houses of Parliament and many people actually pass it without even realising what it is (ask your Gatwick airport transfers driver to point it out). However, it is very historic because it is one of the last remaining complete buildings of the original Westminster Palace. Jewel Tower was built in the 14th century as King Edward III’s treasury, and it also goes by the name of the King’s Privy Wardrobe. Even after all the centuries it remains almost exactly the same. It is well worth a visit when you are in London.

Banqueting House

The Palace of Whitehall suffered from a fire in 1698, but Banqueting House was not destroyed and it is now the last remaining building of the old palace. King Charles I was put to death here, and Oliver Cromwell also lived here, making it a historically important building. It is still used to this day to host important functions and events.

Eltham Palace

This fascinating building was built in the 14th century – originally for use by royalty. (Henry VIII lived here when he was young.) It was later used for various purposes and in the 20th century it was converted into an art deco style. It therefore portrays an interesting mix of historic and modern qualities and is quite unique in demonstrating the changes London has gone through over the centuries.

Apsley House

This enormous grand house dates back to the 18th century and it is known for being the home of the Duke of Wellington when he retired. It is located on Hyde Park Corner, so you will almost certainly pass by on your Gatwick airport transfers. Inside you will find an excellent collection of art, sculptures, medals and more.

Benjamin Franklin House

Benjamin Franklin lived in this house from 1757 to 1775; it is the only one of his residences that remains, making it an important historical building. Visit the building to go on a fascinating tour and find out more about Franklin, as well as 18th century life in London.

See the Best Historic Buildings

These buildings may not be as well known as some of the other famous ones in London, but they are all well worth visiting. Once you’ve settled in to your accommodation from your Gatwick airport transfers and you are ready to go sightseeing, keep these in mind and try to see some of them.

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