Italy – A Top Destination

ItalyNotorious for outstanding food, art, fashion and architecture, Italy is effortlessly charismatic. Stunning coastlines, Tuscan landscapes and the greatest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites make up the visual spectacle that is Italy. Intensely dramatic in every way, Italy will quite literally leave you with an insatiable hunger for more.

A Lesson in History of Italy

The birthplace of western culture, Italians have been influential since antiquity. Life in Italy is centered on music, art, fashion and food with a long history of famous painters, sculptors, poets, musicians and architects who have helped shape the cultural identity of Italy.

Florence is a must for history enthusiasts. So mesmerizingly beautiful is Florence, that under no uncertain terms will it fail to impress. This stunning renaissance city is home to Michelangelo’s David as well as a plethora of infamous art and architecture.

Rome, ‘The Eternal City’ continues to inspire and entice with its esteemed beauty and old world charm. Remarkable in every sense of the word, Rome is brimming with significant historical sites and a punching energy.

Rolling Hilla and Sparkling Seas

The stunning scenery of Italy is everything you imagine and more. With its rolling hills and vineyards,Tuscany is a destination dreams are made of. The stunning palette of colours mix and blend together to create a visual impact second to none.

Hauntingly beautiful, the Amalfi Coast will stay with you long after you leave. Towns are perched on terraced cliffs with spectacular views of the sparkling seas, surrounded by both lemon groves and grape vines.

Fall in Love

Famed for their deep and intense passion for life, Italians are warm, friendly and love to celebrate, couple this with the visual spectacle that is Italy, the effect this country has on people is nothing short of intoxicating.

Verona in particular is a city where romance blankets the streets. Visit the infamous Juliet’s balcony and see for yourself what inspired Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Verona is a city built on a dream that inspires with its other worldly beauty.


Luxurious Tuscan Villa: Recently renovated in 2013, complete with luxurious furnishings and all modern comforts, this villa still retains the magic atmosphere of a typical Tuscan home.

Fairytale Civita: Located in the idyllic town of Civita, this truly magical property has been renovated and designed with passion and great attention to detail. Featuring unforgettable views from the formal Italian garden and sitting on an underground system of caves. The impact of this property’s beauty will stay with you long after you leave.

The Heart of Marche: Located in the heart of the Marche region, The New Tuscany. The exterior has been preserved and protected by the Italian Cultural and History Administration. A symphony of moderism wrapped in history!

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