The Importance of Travelling Insured.


There have been a many debates regarding the importance of purchasing annual travel insurance. However, considerable numbers have opted to ignore sensible advice and set off without the backup of a comprehensive policy.

This is a serious mistake, as things can and do go wrong, and the costs of that can mount up. This article highlights the potentially expensive bills that uninsured travellers could have to pay.

The Variety Of Unexpected Circumstances

It’s worth pointing out that there is a wide range of potentially costly events that can occur during foreign holidays. Flights could be delayed or rescheduled; expensive electronic equipment could be lost or stolen; and travellers may also be required to pay exorbitant medical bills if they sustaining injuries or illness.

However, an inexpensive annual travel insurance policy will act as an essential financial safeguard in such unfortunate instances – for as many trips as are taken throughout the 12-month period.

Specific Costs

The cost of medical care is variable depending upon the countries that are visited. For example, it is far more expensive to be treated in America than in the Caribbean or the Pacific Islands. This could be because the level of medical provision and professional knowledge is greater at American hospitals, but prospective travellers may be shocked to discover that the cost of treatment for a broken bone could cost as much as ?25,000 in the US. Those individuals who require repatriation will have to pay considerably more.

Value Of The EHIC Card

Some travellers mistakenly believe that the EHIC card guarantees comprehensive cover against medical expenses in European countries. However, they may face the possibility of having to make a substantial contribution to the costs of care after making a successful EHIC claim. It may even be necessary to pay upfront and then wait for agreement of compensation. However, a simple annual travel insurance policy can guarantee rapid payment as an essential safeguard for sick or injured travellers.

Obtaining Appropriate Cover

It is worth conducting extensive research and asking trusted experts about the suitability of different policies before purchase. For example, the most comprehensive policies will include substantial cover against the costs of medical care and repatriation; they will guarantee financial reimbursement in the event of theft or other crime; and there should also be the option of paying extra for business and extreme sports cover.

Budget-Friendly Cover

Some travellers will, naturally, be reluctant to pay large sums for an annual travel insurance policy. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that there is an excellent range of affordable policies to suit everyone. Prospective travellers can use price comparison and customer review websites to track down the most suitable deals, and it may be possible to obtain a policy for as little as ?50. However, the more expensive packages offer additional cover for a variety of holiday eventualities.

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