Grand Canyon National Park Helicopters

grand canyonYou have many choices for a fun-filled getaway. For instance, you could take a tropical cruise. If you are adventurous, you could even backpack across the country without a particular destination in mind. You could also just pile in your car with a bunch of friends and take a road trip to a nearby attraction. However, there is one experience like no other and that is taking a chopper tour of the Grand Canyon.

Our Amazing Planet

Traveling abroad is always a possibility too. Imagine visiting England, Italy, or France. Or you could go to Asia and experience Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, or China.

But a lot of folks would rather visit various spots in the US. Popular American tourist destinations include San Francisco, New York City, Washington, DC, Yellowstone Park and Mount Rushmore. And of course, don’t forget the Grand Canyon which just happens to be one of the biggest canyons on the planet. Its name is very fitting!

Many travelers don’t particularly associate helicopters with tours. That’s a shame, because a chopper can give you a unique aerial view that few other modes of transportation provide. Grand Canyon choppers can fly at much lower altitudes than planes, so you get a closer view of this internationally famous destination. Some helicopter air tours even land you on the Grand Canyon’s bottom! If you’d rather stay in the air, you can do that too. You get to choose the best tour that suits you.

What’s So Great About Helicopters?

In a helicopter, you have an unbelievable view of the beautiful rock formations in the canyon like colorful temples, buttes, and spires. Snap as many photos as you want, or make a video recording. Be sure your camera or cell phone has a full charge before you go. You’ll be disappointed if your battery dies or if you forget your camera when you are surrounded by such beautiful scenes.

Also, you can request the pilot takes you over a particular landmark if you really want to see it. He may not be able to accommodate you but it doesn’t hurt to ask. Most of the time, they need to stick to the standard flight plan. This makes passenger-customized flights almost impossible (particularly at the South Rim). So if you have a particular request in mind, be sure to ask in advance and don’t be disappointed if he cannot comply.

Air tours of the Grand Canyon are extremely popular. You’ll need to book your tour in advance so you can get the seats you want. It is very common for tours to sell out weeks ahead of time and the prices get higher the close to the departure date. Bottom line: book well ahead ? at least a week or two before the date you want.

Get Ready For A Fun Trip to Grand Canyon

Hopefully these facts will help you out. If you’ll be staying in Vegas, your helicopter tour will do the West Rim. If you depart from a city in Arizona, you will tour the South Rim. You’ll need to decide if you want an air-only tour or one that lands. Landing tours are very exciting but they are only available at the West Rim. Be sure to book your seats online. That is where the best deals are. Go straight to the tour operator’s website and buy your seats there so you qualify for the discounted Internet rate.

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