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Flight Reservation People often travel for 2 reasons. One, they’ll be touring themselves or their family for an album of memory. Their usual destinations are theme parks, malls, and scenic natural beauties. The second reason would be business. A fertile ground for business could just be one cheap flight away.

For pleasure or for business, you flight would much be worthwhile if you have researched information on where you are heading. This post will feature tidbits of knowledge in the world’s favorite cities to visit.


The oil-rich deserts of Dubai have transformed the barren wasteland to a productive and visit-worthy city. Visitors often flock to see the world’s towering feat, the Burj Khalifa. The Burj Khalifa’s bottom levels are designated as malls, and as you journey to the top, you would be entertained by shows featuring Dubai’s rich exotic history.

Another highlight of your Middle East visit would be a stay at The Burj Al Arab or Tower of the Arabs. The 7-star hotel has an remarkable design resembling a billowing sail.

Flight to Kuala Lumpur

Flights further east would take you to Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia’s capital has many things that tourist finds amusing. Continue your tower tour with the Petronas Twin Towers. An 88-storey tall building features a double-decked bridge that will provide you a sky view of the capital.

If tower hunting is exhausting for you, you could go more exotic by joining Hindu festival held in the Batu Caves. The end of January would be the best time to visit this 100 year old temple. The large constructed statues and idols and limestone formations make the destination popular.

Flight to Paris

You can never go wrong with Paris. This consistent top tourist destination largely owes its popularity to another towering structure – the Eiffel Tower. This highly photographed attraction stands about 1000 feet high and has been watching over Paris since 1889.

Paris is also a city of museums. This French city is home to the most visited museums in the world – the Louvre Museum. Its signature structure is the glass pyramid at its entrance. The museum also houses the works of Leonardo the Vinci, Michelangelo and other historic artists.

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