Famous Festivals Of Myanmar

MyanmarMyanmar is a country popular for its historical richness, elegant architecture, and cultural diversity. Apart from the beauty and the religious sanctity the country enjoys, Myanmar is also rich in providing some of the most exciting yearly festivals for its people. If you happened to be in this country during the festival season, you can surely enjoy the uniqueness and traditional values, celebrated with feasts and dances.

Most of the Burmese traditional festivals are celebrated according to the Burmese calender and dates are calculated on the basis of the moon phase. Burmese cultures are more apparent in villages where rural people celebrate these yearly festivals with full spirit and thus make the experience of the people exploring the festivity and the best tourist destinations in Myanmar memorable. The Myanmar celebrates different festivals and all are marked with their own sense of uniqueness and spirit that is bound to make your travel in this country truly enthralling.

So, here is a list of some delightful seasonal festivals that you would love to enjoy while visiting this country:

1. Manaw Festival
Manaw is a famous festival of Burma celebrated in every 29th and 30th January in the Kachin state. The festival is an indication of the celebration of the New Year and the reunion of tribes as per the Burmese calender. Kachin, the hill people or scots of Myanmar celebrate this festival. Manaw has been celebrated for more than three decades and people join each other to dance and sing with each other. During the festival the tribal village people wear traditional clothes and dance around the Manaw poles.

2. Ananda Pagoda Festival
One of the most celebrated and popular festivals of Myanmar, Ananda Pagoda Festival is celebrated every January, depending upon the dates specified on the lunar calander. The festival is a symbol of the wisdom of Buddha and there is a month long feast and sacred activities are held in the temple Ananda, one of the beautiful monuments of Began.

3. Naga New Year Festival in Myanmar
The festival is celebrated at the Sagai division and is loved for its colorfulness and joyful feel. During the festival, hundreds of people belonging to different tribes wear colorful attires and perform traditional dances. The festival is celebrated in the month of January.

Naga New Year Festival Myanmar
4. Htamane Festival
Also known as sticky rice festival, Htamane is held between February and March, through the whole country. The celebration of this festival is about enjoying the harvest of sticky rice and preparing Htamane dish. The folks also prepare different dishes made with rice. The dishes are first offered to Buddha and the day is considered as a national holiday.

5. Mahamuni Pagoda Festival
Mahamuni is another popular festival celebrated on the fall of full moon day of Thabodwe. The festival is celebrated for the two days and people take the participation in the contests organized on the pagoda platform. There are also an array of incense sticks burnt and offered to Buddha image on the day moon day.

6. Water Festival in Myanmar 
This is one of the most famous and vibrant festivals of Burma. During the festival, all the countrymen abandon their work bring their nation to a standstill. Water festival is seen as an indication of washing away of sins while welcoming the New Year with a fresh energy. During the season, people also meet each other, visit pagodas, and pay homage to monks.

Myanmar Water Festival
The list doesn’t end here there are also a lot of festivals which one could enjoy while visiting this country. You can plan your custom tour Myanmar as per the months and dates of these festivals, so that you could also become the part of these vibrant and lively festivals.


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