Discover the Tuscan Cuisine

Tuscan foodPlanning a trip to Tuscany? Holidays in this spectacular Italian region simply would not be complete unless you allow your taste buds do some touring of their own.

While there are myriad more, here are just some of the most delectable delights you should try during your time here.

Bistecca alla Fiorentina – This very rare Porterhouse steak is a signature dish you should definitely try on your Tuscany holidays. One of Florence’s heartiest dishes, it consists of around 1.5 kilos of delectable, rare beef. Plenty of salt, pepper and olive oil bring out the inherent sweetness of the al sangue, or bloody steak.

Bistecca FlorentinaTagliata Rosbif – If you’re in the mood for a lighter but nonetheless filling beef dish, then you may want to try the local Tuscan version of roast beef. Each chef has his or her own unique sauce – making it worth your while to sample the various roast beef dishes in any of the towns you visit.

TagliataPici Pasta – Pici is distinctly Tuscan pasta, consisting of thick hand-rolled noodles. There are many ways in which pici can be served, although pici cacio e pepe (or cheese and pepper pasta) is one particularly interesting offering you should keep your eyes peeled for.

pici pastaPappa al Pomodoro – Tomatoes, garlic, basil, olive oil and – wait for it – stale bread all come together to form a surprisingly delicious combination. This is actually a soup, albeit one so thick that you will find it easier to eat it with a fork instead of a spoon!

pappa al pomodoroRibollita – You’ll find this thick, comforting soup in many country kitchens around Tuscany. Holidays in the chillier winter season simply wouldn’t be complete without hearty bowl of ribollita, filled with onions, celery, carrots, black cabbage and dense bread.

RibolitaTrancio di Tonno alle Spezie – Fancy a nice, hearty steak but prefer to keep things on the lighter side? Then this generous helping of roasted tuna rubbed with salt, pepper and an array of Tuscan spices is just what you’re looking for.

Trancio di Tonno alle SpezieCastagnaccio – In the mood for desert? Chestnut cake can be found in many restaurants and pastry shops all around the region. This deliciously nutty dessert is perfect at the end of the meal and each region has its own variation of the cake, from adding herbs like rosemary to zestier offerings like orange rinds.

Castagnaccio TuscaCantucci – The famous Tuscan almond biscotti are another favourite treat that you should not pass up when staying in the region. These biscuits are often served with a glass of strong, sweet wine called vin santo. The idea is to dunk the biscuits in the wine to soften them and freshen your palette after a particularly heavy meal.

cantucciVino della Casa – The house wine of each town you visit is a treat that you really must try- especially since these towns all offer their own unique variety. If you are not really a connoisseur but still want to dabble, simply trying out the table wine will give you a good grounding.

tuscany food wine toursKeep all these delicacies in mind and you’ll be able to discover your own favourites to enjoy while in Tuscany. Holidays are, after all, all about discovering the wonderful and diverse cuisines of the world.

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