Comparison of Walt Disney World Orlando and Disneyland Paris, France


Many Americans who’re committed Disney enthusiasts might want to make Disneyland Paris a part of their European countries trip. In this case we’d like to point out a few of the distinctions and some of the similarities in the 2 parks. It’s our opinion that when you live in Europe and want to take in the Disney experience, seeing Disneyland Paris is going to be worthwhile. However if you have a pick of the two or you reside in North America we would recommend only going to Orlando Disney World.

There are a few dissimilarities between the two that we have noticed:

1. Alike parks. Both Disneyland Paris along with Disney World in Orlando offer you the Magic Kingdom and also the comparable to Disney Hollywood Studios. For Paris it is called Disneyland Park. This will certainly encompass quite a unlike feel than the one you will be familiar with within Florida. It will additionally have a great ride known as the Crushes Coaster that you won’t find in Orlando. But some of the rides in the two parks are similar, at least in name.

Orlando has a couple of major parks that you won’t experience in Disney Paris. One is the really popular Epcot; another will be Animal Kingdom, the newest of the Disney Orlando big amusement parks.

2. Food choices. Aside from the similarities for fast food shops, the meals in Disneyland France are perhaps somewhat more sophisticated, which might be because of the French culture that puts an increased emphasis on fine food.

3. Cast members. That friendliness of Disney employees in Orlando is virtually legendary. They are always smiling and appear to continually go the extra mile, as well as their ability to stay patient and hardly ever get frustrated with insisting, impossible tourists is really astounding. Disneyland Paris cast members are likewise friendly and hard-working, but generally they do not seem to have that ability to go above and beyond the call of duty, as is the reality in Orlando.

4. Comparisons in weather. Disney Orlando has extremely popular water parks, and they work there since temperatures in Florida are regularly a great deal warmer than Paris. Summer temperatures in Orlando may be too hot and humid for many people; however the winter weather is way better than northern France.

5. Extended hours opportunity. For those that like to stay somewhat later and enjoy certain parks after much of those throngs of people have gone, Disney World Orlando will have additional options available. Both Orlando and Paris parks will have variable opening times but Disneyland Paris will only have late-night openings for special occasions and in the summer season. Florida has more late nights on weekends.

6. Fast passes. Both destinations offer fast passes, and they seem to try to improve the system repeatedly.

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