Xmas and NY Hollidays in Maldives

New Year MaldivesThe weather in Maldives is sultry, humid, and sunny. Although this unique country is a favourite year-round destination for honeymooners, families, and backpackers, December through April is the high season to visit this outstanding Asian beach destination. Celebrating Christmas and New Year at Maldives can be a great option for many travellers too. Those looking forward to take a break from the harsh winter cold, snow, and storms to enjoy a warm climate during the upcoming holidays should seriously consider planning their Maldives vacation this December.

The country has some exotic beach locations each offering palm fringed sandy beaches, deep blue waters, turquoise reefs, and luxurious resorts. Whether you and your family love a pampering stay at a spa resort or a cosy lodging at any of the beachfront villas, the Maldives has it all. There are a plenty of star resorts, boutique hotels, and secluded beach homes to choose from. During the holiday season, many of the elite resorts, hotels, and villas in Maldives host private events, exclusive Christmas and New Year’s Eve dinner parties, and gala nights.

Weather in December is dry and sunny with maximum temperature in mid 27C. The country seldom experiences rainfall during the driest month of December. However, the weather pattern may change sometimes due to the effect of Northeast Monsoon. When it comes to activities during December, Maldives offers endless choices for each traveller to select from. Of course, the selections of water activities top the list during this peak season. You will be surprised to find excellent choices of special Christmas themed cruise tours, sightseeing cruises, snorkelling trips, underwater dives, and scuba dive tours in December.

Although the local culture is inspired from Islam, the resorts celebrates Christmas and New Year with lots of enthusiasm and enjoyment. Resorts and hotels in Maldives offer special packages for New Year’s Eve celebration. Just like many western countries, they also celebrate this special occasion with champagne toasts, fireworks, rock music, and DJ nights. Top resorts host all-night-long shows, dance and music programs to entertain their guests. Many celebrity DJs and singers also join to make these events more enjoyable every year.

The holiday season in the Maldives is indeed celebrated with great splendour and show. Many exotic beach locations draw musicians, singers, drummers and tourists for an enjoyable New Year’s Eve in Maldives. Tourists can expect to find a special menu at every restaurant and luxury dining venues in Maldives. Apart from the champagne, cakes, and other traditional confectionary, you can expect to see some typical local dishes such as foni bokaiba, kiru Sarbat, kuli boakaiba, and Gula. Even locals enjoy this festive time with lots of joy and enthusiasm. The streets are often seen decorated with colourful lights, various local decorative items, and even flowers. Restaurants serve special menus and drinks all through the holiday season.

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