Christmas Marketplaces from Europe

Christmas Marketplaces EuropeA very European custom around Christmastime will be the Holiday marketplaces that are prevalent in many bigger cities in addition to some smaller ones. They are a wonderful time for the entire family, and with citizens in Europe along with visitors they include one of a kind setting for Christmas time buying. They’ll typically have booths selling gifts and yuletide decorations, but food will be also a major aspect of it. The types of food will often be long-established of that country, but mulled wine seems to be typical in all locations.

Traditional Holiday markets began in Europe yet as with a lot of good things have become emerging all over the world. Chicago has one downtown referred to as Christkindlmarket. It is run by the German-American services and, as you may expect features German heritage. It certainly is a pretty sizable affair and has now been going since 1996.

Christmas Marketplace EuropeVienna, Munich, Prague, London and Lille, France have Holiday Marketplaces which are well-known within Europe, so if you are ever in one of these cities during the Christmas season you should try to take one in. But still two that I feel are very distinctive I’m going to highlight here, despite the fact that they aren’t in the least the largest I believe because of their traditional European settings they jump out as very special.

1. Salzburg, Austria. This is among the oldest marketplaces in Europe, and not being a bigger metropolitan area it offers a more personal event than many of the others. Salzburg is actually a charming smaller city with its Baroque architecture along with Hohensalzburg Fortress looking over the town. Having been the place of birth of Mozart and Joseph Mohr, the lyricist of the famous Christmas carol “Silent Night”, choral musical performances tend to be a big aspect of the festival here. The market is front of the Salzburg Cathedral, and the sparkly lights and holiday garlands give it a real fairy tale feeling.

2. Aix-en- Provence. Located in the south of France their particular celebration has a spot on French nature about it. You’ll find that it features a more simple sophistication, but as is normal with the French Christmas Markets are more subdued and not as ostentatious affairs. But there is no skimping with taste or quality at this place. A part of the Provencal Christmas will be the 13 traditional desserts, which represents Jesus and his 12 apostles. They include dried and fresh fruits and sweets, and all the ingredients have varying representations: dried raisins with the Dominicans, dried figs for Franciscans, plus walnuts or hazelnuts for the Augustine’s. Much like anything within France food is an intricate element of their Christmas Festival.

There are so many places in Europe that are truly unique. Check out our website for information on other great things to see in Europe, and for ways to navigate your way around Europe by train. Jim O’Connell is a writer who loves to travel, especially in Europe.

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