2015 French Lemon Festival


Welcome to French Lemon Festival! Everywhere you look the colors of orange and lemon yellow are so bright that one is almost compelled to don a pair of Ray-Bans in France on the Lemon Festival. But then you might miss …

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Famous Festivals Of Myanmar


Myanmar is a country popular for its historical richness, elegant architecture, and cultural diversity. Apart from the beauty and the religious sanctity the country enjoys, Myanmar is also rich in providing some of the most exciting yearly festivals for its …

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Christmas Marketplaces from Europe


A very European custom around Christmastime will be the Holiday marketplaces that are prevalent in many bigger cities in addition to some smaller ones. They are a wonderful time for the entire family, and with citizens in Europe along with …

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How to travel to Bhutan


Bhutan is considered to be the best Himalayan country to enjoy the nature and trekking along with the valley and dense forest. Spring is the best time to visit because of its moderate climate and also best time for trekking …

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Hire a Car to Make Your Travel Smooth and Comfortable


Car rental services have gained a huge popularity in the recent times. Hire a Car are the best alternative way of moving around. There are countless benefits associated with hiring a car. Some of the benefits are freedom of movement, …

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Las Vegas Attractions And Helicopter Trips to the Grand Canyon


Las Vegas is a fantastic vacation destination for a summer getaway. The city is filled with non-stop excitement, and not only that, you are just a hop, skip, and jump away from the Grand Canyon, which you can tour by …

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Songkran Festival: All About Thai New Year


What would you think if a stranger came up to you in the street and threw water on you? Under normal circumstances you probably wouldnt be best pleased, but thats exactly what happens all over Thailand on Thai New Year …

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The Spectacular Macufe Festival in Bloemfontein


Macufe Festival is the largest, most culturally balanced showcase of African Arts and Culture worldwide with spectacular live shows and some of the best international and local African artists. Through the years, this festival has seen tremendous growth in terms …

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