7 Tips for Solo Female Travel

Solo Female TravelSolo Female Travel – it’s hard or cool?

1. ALWAYS tell people you are meeting up with someone. If I were to tell you that I didn’t have any scary instances when traveling abroad I’d be lying. I remember on an occasion in Italy when I had been riding the train. Some man, who spoken very little English kept trying to talk to me in Italian. I had no idea what he was saying so I just kept nodding my head. The next thing I know, he was trying to get the people next to me to translate his Italian into English. He just had the creep vibe. I immediately informed him, when he asked if I was traveling alone, that I was meeting up with my friends. He followed me off the train. I ducked into a Mcdonalds bathroom and decided to wait 10 minutes. I came out and he was still there. I jumped into a taxi, and he followed me into the taxi. The taxi driver went to the location he said rather than where I said, probably assuming that we were together. All along, my heart is racing. I knew I needed to find the nearest public place, and FAST. I finally spotted an internet cafĂ©, and jumped in there. He waited outside the door while. I proceeded to tell these young Australian guys my story. “Save me from this creeper,” I said. He finally went away after standing outside 15 minutes. Of course, this was the only thing that happened to me on all of my travels so. I would not say it happens regularly. Just use your street smarts in case!

2. In the solo Female Travel trust your instinct. You can never go wrong with your gut feeling! If something or someone seems fishy, don’t do it. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

3. Wear a wedding ring. It might scare off potential predators. If you’re worried you might not be able to make any male friends, I can assure you there will be no problem in the Female Travel!

4. Know your culture. In Europe, particularly in places like Italy and Spain, some men are accustomed to thinking that something as simple as a smile and a look mean you want more than friendship. If you don’t want that attention, try to blend in with the crowd as much as possible. Trust me, I’m the first person to root for female empowerment and the right to bare skin, but this is not a time to be whipping out the feminist card. This of course doesn’t apply to all men there, but TRUST YOUR INSTINCT!

5. Female Travel is the same as any other journey. Plan ahead and be prepared. Take your guidebook, map, and more than enough money so you can handle any situation. If you’re getting into a country late at night, make friends with a girl or other travel buddy so you aren’t wandering around alone in the dark.

6. Use your accommodations as a resource. Grab one of their cards and keep it handy. Ask around whether it is a safe area. If you feel the need, tell them where you are going and when you might return.

7. Take a self-defense class. Of course, this is if you want to be extra cautious. I only used half of these methods and have only encountered one hairy situation of Female Travel. And to be honest, I ran into more sticky situations just living in LA!

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